Drone Insurance

Drone Insurance

BUAVA have partnered with Integro to offer insurance to commercial members.

Q: How much does it cost?

From $500-$1,000BDS depending on how many drones you wish to insure and what level of equipment cover you desire.

Q: What does it cover?

You are covered up to $1million USD for liability and equipment cover. This cover is worldwide with the exception of flying in the US and conflict zones.

Q: What do I need to do to get cover?

In the absence of a national certificate/license, BUAVA will ask you to complete a short test/check of your knowledge and practices to allow us to recommend you for insurance.

Q: Why not a local insurance company?

We have engaged and continue to speak with local insurance companies with the hope of being able to offer a solution, but at present their rates are 3-5 times other companies, with less cover and further difficulties/pre-conditions in qualifying/obtaining.

Q: What about recreational?

At present, this insurance is only available for commercial operations.

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