Welcome to the Barbados UAV Association

Welcome to the Barbados UAV Association

BUAVA supplies its members with information, tools and resources to ensure safe operation, and help UAV businesses to succeed.

All members are asked to respond to the email distributed on 03 September 2023. Thank you.

BUAVA Mission

Serve as the primary advocacy and support group for UAV operators in Barbados.Promote safety and discipline in the UAV community and develop operational standards.Engage and educate the public about UAV operations and create opportunities for members.Consult with authorities and assist with the implementation of legal frameworks for UAVs.


Why join the BUAVA?

By becoming a member of the BUAVA, you will gain access to our UAV community and benefit from exclusive networking events and exciting business development opportunities. Let us help you navigate the ever-evolving world of unmanned aerial vehicles.

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Latest News

BUAVA response to the six month extension and Rapid response launch.


The Barbados UAV Association (BUAVA) aims to keep members informed on matters which may impact operations in both commercial and recreational space

The Barbados UAV Association (BUAVA) has been made aware of comments concerning UAV usage in Barbados as it relates to a drone incident at the 2022