Am I allowed to bring a drone into Barbados?

Am I allowed to bring a drone into Barbados?

22nd May 2018 Update: The temporary 'ban' on drone importation has now been extended by the authorities until May 2019. BUAVA are actively engaging the authorities to have this removed and legislation in place as soon as possible. However, with an election due this week it is expected that the ban will remain in place for the forthcoming months.

20th April 2018 Update: While no official word has been released of the expiry of the drone ban, measures seem to be have been put in place to allow the importation of drones. Your drone will still likely be held at customs on entry, you then take the drone specification to the Telecoms Unit, apply for a license at which point they give you a letter for the CAA and the Ministry of Defense & Security. You can then go and collect your drone from customs, with your license and pass the letters to the CAA/Minisitry of Defense. We will update these details as and when an official statement is made.

No. At present, there is a ban on the importation of drones to Barbados. It is due to end on the 1st of April 2018.

The importation ban is in place while the government debates legislation for drones. The Barbados UAV Assocation is actively involved in helping shape this legislation and it is our current #1 goal to have the ban lifted with fair, sensible, safe legislation in place.

The importation ban has in the past been extended so there is a chance it may be extended once more when this date arrives.

If you are found to be importing a drone, customs will confiscate it and either require you to post it back to it's source, or, hold it until you leave the country to re-export it with your departure. As a visitor, you can try applying for a temporary exemption to this ban, the forms and procedure are on the Telecomms Unit website.