Drone Photography

Drone Photography

$749.00 USD

Do you have a drone and want to know how to get the best out of your photos? Or are you interested in learning the techniques the pros use for their photography?

An 8-hour course covering drone photography techniques and skills.

This course presumes you have a basic understanding of drone piloting and focusses on specific photography skills when using a drone. The course takes place at 3 separate scenic locations in Barbados.

The course includes - 

  • Drone photography techniques
  • Understanding the technical settings of the drone camera
  • Usage of ND/polarising and specific night-time filters
  • Using lighting, time-of-day and apps to further plan and enhance your shoots
  • Post-processing techniques

If you have a specific preference for sunrise/sunset/nighttime photography please advise us beforehand and we can ensure that your teaching is tailored around these specifics.

Training Course Notes - applicable to all

  • BUAVA members get a 15% discount on courses and you may join before taking your course.
  • All flights are conducted in a safe flying area, with full permissions from the authorities.
  • All equipment is registered and insured.
  • Our instructors are active industry professionals with over 1,000 flying hours.
  • All equipment and materials are provided for use on the course.
  • Courses can be extended, or customised, as desired - please contact us with your requirements.
  • Group training is available, please contact us with your requirements.
  • Certificates of Course Completion are provided to each student.