News Articles

News Articles

The Barbados UAV Association (BUAVA) are pleased to notify you of various drone training courses in Barbados.

BUAVA response to the six month extension and Rapid response launch.


The Barbados UAV Association (BUAVA) aims to keep members informed on matters which may impact operations in both commercial and recreational spaces. We make the following comments for your information.

There were incidents in 2022 which resulted in the enforcement of restrictions, specifically night missions. This created some challenges for operators in the commercial space. BUAVA is currently seeking an audience with the PMO on this matter.

BUAVA also seeks to investigate viable insurance coverage solutions for members who require them.

The Barbados UAV Association (BUAVA) has been made aware of comments concerning UAV usage in Barbados as it relates to a drone incident at the 2022 Cropover celebrations. We monitor all developments in the UAV sector worldwide but wish to remind all that our island experiences can differ from that of many other countries. Barbados and its citizens have always held the rule of law in high regard and there is little motivation for us to deviate from this tenant.

"drones have become central to the functions of various businesses and governmental organizations... Increasing work efficiency and productivity, decreasing workload and production costs"

Drones have quickly become essential to various aspects of daily life and their uses expand all the time as new ideas, technology and applications are found. Current uses include - 

"UAVs have made a real impact in terms of making a given task cheaper, faster AND safer for surveyors, all of which mean theyre able to be that much more efficient"

Mapping and surverying by drone is becoming a common tool for surveyors worldwide. Via both photogrammetry and LiDAR techniques for measurements, the drone is becoming the tool of choice.

BUAVA are releasing a set of informational slides to raise public awareness about drones in Barbados and the region.

"“Drones benefit farmers and everyone engaged in the agricultural sector in numerous ways. Farmers would be able to save time, money, and increase their knowledge”"

Drones are increasingly being used in agriculture with amazing results. Soil and field analysis, planting, crop spraying, crop monitoring, irrigatin, health assessment and more. The nimble, affordable, flexible drone UAVs are providing a cost-effective solution for a number of critical agriculatural processes.

On Friday 20th July, BUAVA gave a talk and demonstrations at the Barbados Junior Robotic Camps (Alec Drayton and Graeme Finlayson presenting).

An hour-long open chat session took place in the lecture hall discussing drones, the technology, their practical uses and demonstrating the control screens of the drones to the participants (demonstrated were the Inspire 1 and the Mavic Pro).

This was followed by three outdoor practical sessions where the children could see the drones in action and take hold of the 2nd remote to control the camera and take photos/video.

"Did you know? Barbadians have worked across the Caribbean and in the UK as UAV DRONE pilots"

Barbadians drone pilots have worked worldwide flying UAVs, yet continued to be frustrated at home due to a continued drone ban.

BUAVA are releasing a set of informational slides to raise public awareness about drones in Barbados and the region.

Find out more and join in with the discussions in our Facebook Group.

"Drones are proving to be a useful tool in a conservationist’s toolbox as they help to monitor reef recovery and guide conservation actions."

Drones are being used for many environmentsal purposes throughout the region.

Finding the rare Elkhorn coral and then encouraging and protecting those areas in St Vincent and the Grenadines.