News Articles

News Articles

"Drone videos are a new arsenal that travel marketers should be looking at seriously now"

Drone's are being used to capture exciting new angles of tourism destination for use in marketing material. A look at the Visit Barbados website confirms that, despite a 3 year ban on drone importation, it relies heavily on aerial photography and video for it's marketing material - even featuring a video that is exclusively aerial in nature.

"Using drones as part of our response to incident callouts has enabled us to respond faster and with more accuracy"

Drones are becoming a useful tool in search and rescue worldwide. Recently a drone was used to find a missing man in the Norfolk, UK and a drone was used to drop a life-saving float to two swimmers in Australia

"Price Waterhouse Coopers has estimated that the drone industry will be worth USD $127 Billion globally by 2020."

BUAVA are releasing a set of informational slides to raise public awareness about drones in Barbados and the region.

Find out more and join in with the discussions in our Facebook Group.


We are members of the Barbados Unmanned Aerial Association (BUAVA). BUAVA is a registered, not for profit, organization in Barbados formed in October 2017 to represent the interest of both Commercial and Recreational UAV (drone) users in Barbados.

Price Waterhouse Coopers has estimated that the drone industry will be worth $127 Billion globally by 2020. This represents a 6000% increase in one decade.

MEETING: BUAVA Round Table Discussion of Draft Drone Legislation.

DATE/TIME: 20th February, 7.00pm - 9.00pm (the meeting will start bang on time as we're paying per hour for the room).

LOCATION: BIDC, Building #2 Harbour, opposite Oran.

GOALS: To discuss the items in the document from both recreational and commercial perspectives. Debate changes, ideas, solutions and complete the meeting with the goal of being able to present the position of BUAVA to the authorities.

Please see the BUAVA Facebook Group for the discussion on the draft drone legislation document (we cannot share it publicly, only within the group).

 The venue for the AGM is confirmed as the BIDC Building 2, Harbour Industrial Estate. Bridgetown on Feb 24th, 2018 at 17:30. Directions will be posted later. The cutoff date for nominations remains Feb 1, 2018. The entire board is seeking re-election except for the position of Treasurer who has opted to challenge for the Presidency. To this point the nominations received are as follows:

The Barbados UAV Association (BUAVA) has been launched. We would urge all drone users, local and regional, to sign up to get your voice heard!